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You know how some neighbours and
landlords/landladies can be very annoying
and poke nosing in people’s affairs? We
know too. It can be very frustrating. We
have highlighted 6 ways to get them off
your back and keep you at an arm’s length.
1) Buy a black cat
Yes, You read that right. Nigerian’s
associates’ cats with witches. Now imagine
you have a black one, your neigbours would
consider you the head of the witches and
wizard of the whole community
2) Always wear a particular kinda
This is also one good way to keep those
annoying folks off your back, especially if
the outfit is black on black. They won’t
think you are a tech guy like Mark
Zuckerberg or the late Steve Jobs, they
would think you belong to a secret cult
because of their superstitious mind(s)
3) Always wear dark shades
There’s a saying that “the eyes are the
window to the soul.” Wearing dark shades
means your “windows” are shut. They can’t
access your soul, which leaves them
wondering what kind of a human being you
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Secondary School Students Will Remember
4) Keep mute during compound
meetings. Just smile
Always keep a straight face and be silent
during compound meetings, even when you
have something to say. Occasionally, just
give them a wicked smile
5) Always keep late nights.
Go clubbing, hang out with friends, go sleep
at your mom’s place then return home at
midnight. You will be the center of
discussion whenever they gather to gossip
but no one will dare come say it to your
6) Do all five
Do all the five points highlighted above
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this? Join the Squid Community

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