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I spent the previous night on my Braveheart23 2go
account , chatting up precious and promising to
send her 100 go credits as Christmas gift..She was
obviously excited and I was glad..I was beginning
to like her and was just concluding plans to tell her
to be my “Girl”..
We chatted till around 2am before my sagem
battery died and there was no light to boost the
phone as the power holders held their light to
themselves like a man without fuel holds his gallon
at a fuelling station selling at 145 naira.At least I
was able to engage her in a lenghty conversation
today…I slept off happily with the hope of
continuing our gist and fulfilling my promise to her
as soon as possible the next morning �..
Boo. Boo…- My Elder sister called out my name
like a woman on her MP stung by a scorpion..
Boo boo..she shouted like three more times..
I am coming ….I mumbled.. There was still no light
…God .
I got out of the room to see My father and mother
in a seriously tensed ghen ghen kinda atmosphere..
Good morning ma..good morning daddy.- None of
them answered me.
Mum was in the kitchens sieving rice and Dad was
in the living room ,one of his hairy yam legs was
placed on the stool.
… are you – My Dad replied.
I am fine Sir… I replied and prostrated again..
My mum did not bother to even reply or look at me
. she continued her kitchen work… she sang
Jesus na biggy man , u no dare call am small boy
with so much vigour and passion..
” Lola, shey u will not come and find the palm oil
for me now” …She shouted at my sister who rushed
in to help her find the palm oil which was just right
in front of her ….directly..How she didn’t see it
amaze me..
I looked at my sister to find out the reason for the
way mum was acting but she fled to the kitchen
before I could communicate to her by matching her
Yes sir…
Merry Christmas ..
Thank you sir …
Many more of this in Jesus name….
Amen sir..

You will see one chicken outside..White..with red
crown like this ..beside the generator outside …ehn
…Go and kill it….
..I couldn’t fathom what I heard ….Probably I wasn’t
hearing right ……
Kitchen …
….”I said Chicken…chicken ..And be fast with it…We
are going to the Church by 11am for the service..
He said and immediately walked out of the living
room as I looked on , my mouth wide open …
I was just 15 ..!!!!!
For some minutes, I stood there dumbfounded like
a girl 2face just cumed inside her..Why today ??
Why me..
Boo, better go and kill that chicken fast and do not
delay me tori olohun” – My mum instructed as she
continued with her cooking.. My sister was looking
at me as she almost bursted into laughter…. She
brought out her white tongue and widened her eye
,bringing her hands to her eyes …
I understood what she meant..she was making jest
of me..
I was surprised …
The previous years, My father had always been the
one killing the chickens ..when he was not around ,
we called uncle Dino, our neighbor to help with the
herculian task..
But now we have moved to our own house..A silent
,mind your business, dey your own house kinda
hood..Which neighbor we wan call on now to help
us kill the chicken bai..
This was supposed to be the duty of a man…abi
which kind family I enter so..I was just a
boy..Jesus …Jesus.. If u can save me from this one
, I will serve you forever
Boo, I will not tell you again with my mouth…- My
mum shouted again and went to take the knife …
Unfortunately for me, she picked the blunt yellow
knife in the kitchen and gave it to me..
Oya, be fast so you and your sister can start pulling
the feathers..
I could see tears of laughter almost coming out of
my sister’s eye …..
I went out to the back of the house , near the
generator to meet my victim, adored in white and
legs tied with Ankara …poo was everywhere..I
looked into the victim’s eye , the victim sef look
This is the Chicken here staring at me!!!! Shaking its
head..this living thing is what my Father has asked
me to murder in cold blood

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